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Wolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton

Years before the "memefication" of John Olson as Inzane Johnny, before the Third Man Instagram takeover and before Trip Metal was even coined as a genre, the collaboration between the infamous Michigan trio and the then sixty-year-old composer and saxophonist from Chicago caused quite a sensation. With 'Burned Mind' already making waves on Sub Pop, the announcement of their union sparked a mix of wonder at such an unconventional pairing and a sense of uncanny synchronicity. By the time 'Black Vomit', their sole record together, was released in 2005, the signs were already there: noise and free jazz serving as gateways to the absolute and the abyss, Braxton's uninhibited and fiery saxophone, Olson's jazz expertise and the excitement of his alto saxophone, and a shared appreciation for silence and turmoil. Nearly two decades later, Braxton continues to explore the possibilities of his instrument and of composition, while Wolf Eyes – now the duo of Olson and Nate Young – stand tall among the fringes. These two forces, each with an indelible impact on the music championed by OUT.FEST, converge here.