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Ulla & Perila

Released at that precious moment when Ulla Straus and Alexandra Zakharenko, aka Perila, became part of the collective consciousness, 'LOG ET3RNAL' arrived in 2020 as that match made in heaven between two figures who have proven pivotal for the survival of ambient music beyond its narrow and somnolent confines. Pairing the distinct yet complementary sensibilities of these two minds under the name LOG, their only full-length record to date, complete with a coda aptly titled 'Memories of Log', soberly embraced their shared faculties: an almost diaristic side in the use of field recordings, decayed pads, textures evocative of the fog of memory and disparate elements - Perila's sounds on the brink of dissolution or Ulla's ASMR invocations - in a deeply immersive, detailed flow. As striking as Ulla's definitive 'Tumbling Towards a Wall' or Perila's 'How Much Time Is It Between You And Me.' Soporific in all the best ways that can mean.