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Raja Kirik

Largo 1º Maio
7 Oct
Hailing from Java, Indonesia, Raja Kirik are a duo whose identity is firmly rooted in their regional musical and dance traditions, most notably Jaranan, the ecstatic expression of the javanese people in face of the former Dutch empire’s colonial oppression. Raja Kirik utilize this same strategy of trance-as-opposition using traditional instruments and their own manufactured contraptions, mixing ancestral rhythms with brutal noise discharges and kicks which place them in a somewhat similar ideological and spiritual wavelength as their Balinese counterparts Gabber Modus Operandi. After a first record in 2020 through Yes No Wave - a staple label in the bustling Indonesian scene -, their second album ‘Rampokan’, just reissued through Nyege Nyege Tapes, is a vital document shedding some much needed new light on such urgent and vibrant music. Photo: Yudha Kusuma Putra