OUT.FEST 2023: The first names announced

Aqui estão as primeiras confirmações para a 19ª edição do OUT.FEST, de volta entre 5 4 e 7 de outubro pelo mapa do Barreiro – com foco no centro da cidade e nos seus espaços icónicos (e vão haver novidades!).

It’s with the greatest pleasure that we’ll host the Portuguese premieres of dub-influenced trio HOLY TONGUE, led by percussionist Valentina Magaletti, the raging punk queerness of North-American LUSTSICKPUPPY, the ritualistic electronics of Mexican J. ZUNZ and VOICE ACTOR, the British project behind one of last year’s most intriguing records, the sprawling four-hour-and-a-half opus “Sent from my telephone”.

The Portuguese contemporary music scene is represented, in this first announcement, by LUÍS PESTANA,O CARRO DE FOGO DE SEI MIGUEL and up-and-coming sax player and composer RAVENNA ESCALEIRA, with the remaining artists being the Ugandan AFRORACK, “first african modular synthesizer” builder, and two groups which promise to take the psychedelic levels to new heights: the North-Americans HORSE LORDS and the Slovenians ŠIROM, both bands touring records which were undisputed highlights for 2022, “Comradely objects” and “The liquified throne of simplicity” respectively.

The first round of early bird tickets are no longer available, but you can now acquire your global pass for the price of 33€ online via BOL, as well as in-person at FNAC, Worten or CTT stores all over the country.

Meanwhile, there’s also a new FAQ section available on our website, so that you can organize your plans in advance for the start of October in order to visit OUT.FEST.