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A free spirit aiming to reveal the true Thailand hidden behind the tourist postcards, Pisitakun is an active member of real community that's been shaking and revitalizing Southeast Asia through sheer will and perseverance. Propelled by the tireless work of platforms like Chinabot, responsible for the release of SOSLEEP and Absolute C.O.U.P., an army of artists from different backgrounds has been giving life to a mosaic of fresh and unusual ideas, collapsing tradition and future in the same breath. Joining the likes of Senyawa, Fauxe or Gabber Modus Operandi in that task, Pisitakun shares with the latter a fascination with the gabber kick and the sphere of hyperreality, but carries his own legacy and resistance. Stripping the digital gloss that permeates some music born under the sign of the eternal now of the Web 2.0, Pisitakun's sound opens itself to a more direct and rugged but still celebratory maximalism, with a political edge deeply entrenched against the oppression of the Thai regime. 2020's Absolute C.O.U.P. alludes directly to the 13 military coups the country suffered since the Siamese Revolution, in a mutating flow of gabber ecstasy, traditional Thai instruments, gnarly distortions of industrial progeny, military beats, harsh synths and a thick tapestry of samples filled with history.