OUT.FEST 2023: Full programme and daily line-up revealed

Here is the completed programme and daily lineup for the 19th edition of OUT.FEST, which will take place 4 - 7 October in the heart of Barreiro.

We have finally arrived at the complete line-up of this year’s OUT.FEST, with the last seven names completing a programme that explores nearly every world of creative music. 

From Tehran, via Austria, we welcome the wonderful ROJIN SHARAFI, exploding tradition while looking firmly into the future; the same can be said, without reservations, of the Scottish BRÌGHDE CHAIMBEUL; from Detroit, USA, the freshest trio HITECH, a levantar ondas recentes sob a tutela do grande Omar-S.  De Londres, via Lisboa, via São Tomé, chega-nos a híbrida XEXA (a 2023 SHAPE+ artist), and from the various Lisbons that occur in parallel we host the duo of LEONOR ARNAUT & RICARDO MARTINS, the trio FARPAS , and the immaculate musical selections from NOVO MAJOR.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, O Carro de Fogo de Sei Miguel’s concert, previously announced, will no longer take place.

The schedule for each day is now revealed, as well as day tickets for the 4 days of OUT.FEST 2023, along with global passes (selling fast) - online via BOL and at the usual stores across the country.