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Hailing from Crown Heights in Brooklyn, LustSickPuppy storms in with a painted smiley face as a representation of a “black queer person having to smile my way through this fucked up world”. A cutting and direct statement of intent that reflects their music. Made from elements of gabber, drum & bass, rap and punk, their songs attack us at breakneck speed while keeping themselves anchored in a warped sense of melody. Confrontational in the delivery and communal in spirit, LustSickPuppy arrives at OUT.FEST following the release of their second ep, ‘AS HARD AS YOU CAN’, featuring contributions from Bonnie Baxter of Kill Alters and Andy Morin of Death Grips, and bangers as infectious as ‘might b’ or ‘RIDE IT’. Pure expression of a sonic and conceptual assault on the senses, with a smile, that awaits us. Photo: Johan Bonilla (Muhstee)