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Luís Fernandes

Biblioteca Municipal
8 Out
Musician from Braga, responsible for the vitality of that city as programmer of GNRation and the Semibreve Festival, two of the most important beacons for daring music in this country, mirroring his peculiar and ample vision. A wide open mentality, ever present since he co-founded the proggy indie pop of peixe : avião, through his passage on La La La Ressonance, his first solo efforts under the name The Astroboy and, more recently, a celebrated duo with pianist and composer Joana Gama. Along the way, encounters with Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Black Bombaim or Rhys Chatham hint at his capacity to perform in multiple contexts. In that continuum, with two records under his own name for Holuzam and Room 40, Fernandes has been developing his own solo site specific language for improvised and electronic music. Pondered but open to digressions, recognizing error as an important part of the process, his music flows through dizzying arpeggios, cosmic layers of sound and harmonic clusters that convey emotion from their apparent dissonance. Detailed and epic in scope, travelling along the same pathways opened by the German kösmiche partisans and continued through years of mutations by such esteemed artists as Steve Hauschildt, Keith Fullerton Whitman or Fennesz.