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Lenhart Tapes feat. Tijana Stanković

A true tape alchemist, Vladimir Lenhart brings Lenhart Tapes to life using four walkmans and an endless collection of cassettes that encompass field recordings, spoken word, Balkan and Mediterranean folklore, instructions, and all kinds of rituals that are continually recontextualized and processed into music where repetitive loops clash with eruptions of noise, dreamlike memories, and raw collages. More recently, this Belgrade-based artist has been intertwining these creations with the legacy of folk music from his country and the surrounding region through collaborations with various vocalists, as postulated in 'Duets' from 2021. Among these voices, Tijana Stanković stands out, arriving at OUT.FEST to accompany Lenhart's highly tactile wanderings with a voice that carries the weight of tradition into a parallel reality.
Foto: Aleksa Savulov