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J. Zunz

Coming from Ensenada in Mexico, Lorena Quintanilla aka J. Zunz has been steadily, and without much unnecessary buzz, carving her own path in electronic music’s most adventurous trails. With albums on Rocket Recordings, home to ritual rock deviants like Gnod or Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, J. Zunz has that rare ability to insinuate herself among electronic music heads, noise/drone stoners and open-minded rockers through a psychedelic prism. ‘Del Aire’, released last year and recorded during a strict lockdown, is a confident assertion of Quintanilla’s vision, capable of embracing synthesized ambient passages, vocal meditations, noise rubble and martial rhythms that can be as enveloping as they are turbulent - a reflection of those times of juxtaposition between the calm intimacy of the home and the world outside on the verge of collapse.