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DJ Anderson do Paraíso

One of the figures responsible for bringing baile funk beyond its most festive and immediate epicenter - alongside names like Ramon Sucesso and DJ K -, Anderson do Paraíso starts from the most primordial foundations of the genre to strip them down into a hypnotic minimalist flow that, without parasitizing the history and life of Funk Mineiro from Belo Horizonte, brings it into another reality, full of tension, mystery, and atmosphere. In a process of reinvention from the epicenter of the bailes, somewhat analogous to the invention of Batida from Kuduro and Tarraxo by Príncipe, the transition from 2-Step/UKG to original Grime, or the future diaspora of many Nyege Nyege artists - not coincidentally, the label responsible for the release of 'Queridão' - Anderson do Paraíso invents an immersive music, at times threatening, filled with shadows, based on voices that function as crude mantras, bass detonations, an almost ghostly sway, synthesized flutes, and skeletal, ethereal melodic lines. Queridão is the boss.
Foto: José Dutra