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Clothilde & João Silva

Teatro Municipal
7 Oct
With the idea of a collaboration having come about after playing the same bill at another event organized by OUT.RA, Clothilde aka Sofia Mestre and João Silva bring it to fruition with a residency taking place at AMAC during the month of September, with their co-creation being presented for the first time at this OUT.FEST. Clothilde has a deeply pure and self-taught approach to making music using modular synths created by Hobo that resonate with an ecstatic beauty and enveloping sense of discovery, disregarding any conceptual baggage, approaching sound as a primordial entity. João Silva is a trumpeter with academic training, active in contemporary composition circles, perfecting this balance between the instrument and electronics whose output has been documented mostly via the Creative Sources label and in collaborations with musicians like André Hencleeday, Vítor Joaquim or Ernesto Rodrigues. Photo: Nuno Conceição / Pedro Roque