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Approaching two decades of existence, the raucous combo named CAVEIRA, led by guitarist and agitator Pedro Gomes, returns to OUT.FEST following the release of what is, until further notice, the band’s definitive document with the stable lineup of recent years, which also includes Miguel Abras on bass, Gabriel Ferrandini on drums, and Pedro Alves Sousa on saxophone. Released this year by Shhpuma, 'Ficar Vivo' carries in its title - and in the music, of course - the manifesto of intentions of a band that, amidst various existences and realities in this country, has stubbornly persisted not only in staying alive but in making that act a constant process of invoking the most feverish and exultant spirits of rock, blues, free jazz, and noise, expelling them in a constant dynamic between the ecstasy of liberation and the tension of becoming.
Photo: António Júlio Duarte