OUT.FEST - Barreiro International Exploratory Music Festival is an annual festival whose programming seeks to reflect the most significant developments in contemporary experimental music in its many forms - from improvised music to abstract electronics, from free-jazz to noise, from contemporary classical music and the new and unclassifiable musical languages born every day throughout the world. Alongside music, the festival features a broad and exciting universe of experiences and multi-disciplinary events bustling with novelty, challenging the classical rules and borders of the many forms of human and artistic expression.
From the need for an event highlighting the immense importance of all this activity on the edges and front-lines of our contemporary culture, OUT.FEST is born. From the outskirts of Lisbon, one of the country's great cultural centres, an almost perfect parallel between the periphery of the artistic "mainstream" is drawn, a fertile region and a true laboratory of the great art of our times.
Since 2004, OUT.FEST has presented over 300 concerts in over 50 different spaces all over Barreiro, hosting musicians from every continent and promoting new collaborations and commissioned works, presenting new sonic universes to over 2000 spectators every year. 

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