Barreiro International Exploratory Music Festival

Susana Santos Silva ‘Impermanence’

Paz & Amizade Amphitheatre

Trumpet player, improviser and composer from Porto, based in Stockholm, Susana Santos Silva's trajectory in the fields of jazz and improvisation has been garnering her a special place within the european scene. A musician of ample recognition and admiration between the public, critics and peers, she's been developing a deeply personal and expressive language at the instrument, be it solo – All the Rivers through Clean Feed is a beautiful testimony to that -, through collaborations with artists like Kaja Draksler or leading bands like Life and Other Transient Forms and Impermanence, a working band whose activity feels too sparse but, considering the geographic and temporal conditions of its members, is actually driven by a slow but steady workflow. Impermanence, then, a most suited name to it.

They arrive at OUT.FEST as a portuguese-swedish quintet, comprised of João Pedro Brandão in alto saxophone and flute, Hugo Raro at the piano and synthesizer, Torbjörn Zetterberg at the electric bass, José Marrucho on drums and, obviously, Silva on trumpet, with a second album – The Ocean Inside a Stone – still lingering in the memory of jazzheads. Music of a liquid fluidity, filled with the lyricism of tradition but always challenging in its arrangements and harmonic solutions, as if continuously approaching a silence that is, after all, part of all this: as ethereal as intricate.

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