Barreiro International Exploratory Music Festival

Still House Plants


Spawned out of the distinguished Glasgow Art School by Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach, Finlay Clark and David Kennedy, Still House Plants are one of the most intriguing new voices emerging out of weird britannia. From a basic set up of voice, guitar and drums, stripped of any gimmicks, they write songs that seem to stumble upon themselves but still gravitate towards an ineffable core that keeps them from collapsing under their own weight. Erratic, but strangely precise, in a way that vaguely brings to mind US Maple or the lighter moments of early Deerhoof without sounding like them or anything in particular, for that matter. 'Fast Edit' released in 2020, lives on some sort of alluring vertigo, between wavering and/or cutting guitar chords, staggering rhythms and a voice that sustains that frail architecture like a casual mantra. With a live existence between venues like Café OTO in London, Green Door Studio in Glasgow and festivals like Counterflows or Blank Forms, Still House Plants return to Portugal on the eve of recording their third album. 

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