Barreiro International Exploratory Music Festival

Serpente with Pedro Sousa and Margarida Garcia


Already a long standing figure in portuguese experimental music in this century, Bruno Silva (who we got to know via his band Osso, back in the early days of OUT.FEST) has been in these last few years asserting himself, with each year, as a true original in a global scale. First through his Ondness moniker and later as Serpente he's been releasing records through some of the most prestigious european labels, each more captivating, more essential, more “how come this music hasn't been made yet?” than the one before.

Serpente, for the first time at OUT.FEST, is a work in progress in the creation of hypnotic, living and narcotic percussive mazes where batida, free jazz, minimalism or xamanism converge. On the eve of a new album on Ecstatic, featuring such distinguished artists as Kelly Jayne Jones, Maxwell Sterling or Gabriel Ferrandini, Serpente appears in a formation including Pedro Sousa on saxophone and Margarida Garcia on double bass, both defining figures in the jazz and improvised music landscape in this country – saying it will be special is not even a euphemism.

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