Barreiro International Exploratory Music Festival

Iancu Dumitrescu ‘Barreiro Ensemble’

Augusto Cabrita Municipal Auditorium (AMAC)

Portrayed by Philip Clark as an “heretic running amok in the cathedral of contemporary music”, Iancu Dumiterscu has, since the late 60's, erected a monumental body of work, truly disruptive towards the established classical canon. A superlative figure of modern composition in european soil, Dumitrescu's ouevre includes more than 300 works comprising orchestral pieces, chamber music, electroacoustic or electronics that sublimate the ineffable, in a radical music of deep cosmological and philosophical concerns, that meticulously works atomic particles of sound into undiluted matter of ecstacy and liberation. Without refuting his presence in a tradition where we can find masters like Ligeti or Xenakis, the romanian composer breaches any obvious parallels to achieve something truly his own, breaking any traditional approach to instruments, harmony or rhythm, in a flux of vivid spectral sound, almost violent in its attack to the senses. Under a totalitarian regime, Dumitrescu freed himself in order to get to this music that needs to exist, with the creation of his Hyperion Ensemble contributing decisively to give shape to his mental projections. Part of the cicle of presentations connected to the Unearthing the Music project, and faithful to Dumitrescu's opinion that music is irrepeatable, revised for each new performance and each new set of performers, the Hyperion Ensemble becomes a Barreiro Ensemble, comprised of noble musicians operating over the country, giving shape to this “new” and unrepeatable moment stemming from three new works: Gustavo Costa, César Burago, Helena Espvall, Hugo Antunes, Pedro Sousa, Dora_AV, João Silva and Ricardo Webbens.

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