Barreiro International Exploratory Music Festival

Gala Drop

Paz & Amizade Amphitheatre

Existing for over a decade now, Gala Drop is a mutating entity, whose work, flowing at its own pace and need, materializes in a music as deeply their own as it is open to possibilities. Cosmic dust that continuously rearranges different eras and latitudes without losing itself in some sort of touristic globetrotting, Gala Drop summons echos and actions from the exploratory fringes of teutonic rock, dub, balearic dreams and the heritage of dance music from funk to disco to techno and house. Driven by an acute sense of purpose, their music ends up making as much sense under the reflection of the mirror ball as in the green sceneries of the summer festival, by the strobe light or the lava lamp. In essence, communal music at its most interesting and revelatory, assembled out of dreamy keyboards, polyrhythms, liquid basslines and luminous guitar melodies. While we wait patiently for their new album – their last being II from 2014 – they return to OUT.FEST to reveal what they've been working on for these last few years, with a renewed formation with Afonso Simões on drums and percussion, Nélson Gomes on synths and Rui Dâmaso on bass.

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