The longest running act coming out of the UK post-punk explosion in the late 70's, The Fall are a true survival guide against all expectations and disturbances, all the while maintaining its relevance and urgency. Lead by the mordant and charismatic Mark E. Smith, since its inception, the band has been through countless line-up changes driven by it's mastermind impulses : some sort of cool street preacher – like a true Hip Priest, as the song – spitting bile towards society, filled with abstract wordplay and a witty and dry sense of humour. A major influence in a lot of indie rockers born in the last three decades, the echoes of its arty punk, centered around repetitive rhythms and edgy guitars, can be found in the likes of Sonic Youth, Jesus Lizard, Pavement or Dead C. With an impressive discography, filled with classics such as Hex Enduction Hour, This Nation's Saving Grace or The Infotainment Scan, they're still maintaining a healthy activity, from which Re-Mit, released this year via Cherry Red, is the more recent example. They were also John Peel's favourite band, and no one is better than him to define them: “They are always different, they are always the same”.